Erica Gies covers energy, water, climate policy, green business, green building and urban planning, waste of many kinds, ecosystem biology, and more. She’s been on the science and environment beat for more than 12 years, following a master’s degree in literature, with a focus in eco-critcism.


The Economist

Based in London, The Economist has covered international news, politics, business, finance, science and technology since 1843.

Scientific American

Scientific American was founded in 1845. Based in New York City, it covers science, technology, and policy and has a worldwide audience of more than 5 million people.

91.7 KALW

A public radio station in San Francisco, KALW airs original programming and news broadcasts from NPR and BBC. KALW was the first FM station in San Francisco and the second noncommercial FM station in the United States.


Grist is a nonprofit online magazine based in Seattle. It offers in-depth reporting, interviews, opinion pieces, and daily news and has won numerous awards.

Wired News

Since 1993, Wired has chronicled the people, companies, technologies, and ideas that are transforming the world around us. Wired magazine and track the future of business, science, entertainment, education, culture, and politics for nearly 6 million readers per month.