Solution for California’s Drought Problems Lies Below Us

Right under the Central Valley, there are vast ancient river beds cut by glaciers thousands of years ago. Erica Gies wrote about these ancient paleo valleys for Bay Nature magazine. 


What Water Wants

As floods and droughts intensify across the world, our dams, levees, sea walls, and reservoirs are actually making things worse. How can we build a healthier relationship with water? Earth Island Journal editor and Terra Verde host, Maureen Nandini Mitra, talks with Erica to find out.

Yanweizhou Park, Sponge Cities project.


Cities Are Turning Flood Water Into Freshwater

As a guest on NPR’s “Science Friday,” Erica talks about sponge cities in China and the ways in which several cities around the world are adapting to be more resilient, as climate change begins to have a major effect on water systems.

Amuna in the highlands of Peru.


Slow Water in Peru

As drought grips Peru, its people are turning to nature, and ancient pre-Incan techniques to conserve water for the dry season that’s grown increasingly intense due to climate change. Erica discusses this world-leading program with Top of Mind host Julie Rose.


After Ida – Paths to Flash Flood Safety

What can be done to better warn and prepare communities everywhere for flash flooding, an intensifying threat in a human-heated climate? Erica joins a conversation on Andy Revkin’s Sustain What Live following the September 2021 flooding in New York City.

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