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As the Water Crisis Deepens, California Finally Passes Groundwater Regulation

California, the only western U.S. state without groundwater regulation, appears poised to change that. But farmers argue regulation would infringe on their property rights.

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10 Riskiest Places to Buy Your Seaside Dream Home

As sea levels rise, real estate investments in these seaside metropolises could amount to throwing money into the sea

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The Business Cost of Climate Change: What the Science Says

Massive loss from extreme weather in recent years abound, and new research indicates climate risks aren’t leaving any time soon.

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12 Ways Communities Will Have to Adapt to Handle Climate Change

Whatever your water crisis, whether drought or flood, these DIY solutions will help you adjust to climate change’s new reality.

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Value from Sewage? A New Technology Cleans Up Waste Water

Clean water startup Ostara has built a new sewage treatment technology that reduces water pollution and saves money

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Water Tech Startup Aims to Green Manure at Factory Farms

Manure from livestock farms can be environmentally damaging. A new treatment system could clean up its impact, but will that just hide deeper problems in an unsustainable industry?

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Procter & Gamble Touts ‘Win-Win’ of Cutting Phosphates in All Laundry Soaps

Global waterways, especially in developing countries, are set to benefit as the Tide manufacturer aims to cut phosphates from all its laundry soaps within two years.

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Greenpeace Report on P&G’s Palm Oil Sources Could Spur Industry Change

By calling out the consumer goods giant on its sourcing practices, the campaign group hopes that other corporations will start to clean up their supply chains.

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Mom and Pop Forests Struggle to Make Sustainable Harvesting Pay

For family foresters, managing a wood lot means striking a balance between a living legacy and a complex business.

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