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10 Riskiest Places to Buy Your Seaside Dream Home

As sea levels rise, real estate investments in these seaside metropolises could amount to throwing money into the sea

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The Business Cost of Climate Change: What the Science Says

Massive loss from extreme weather in recent years abound, and new research indicates climate risks aren’t leaving any time soon.

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12 Ways Communities Will Have to Adapt to Handle Climate Change

Whatever your water crisis, whether drought or flood, these DIY solutions will help you adjust to climate change’s new reality.

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Fortresses of Mud

Rising seas threaten the San Francisco Bay Area, home to one of the largest estuaries in North America. But marsh-restoration efforts could hold back the high water. 

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Expanding Paved Areas Has an Outsize Effect on Urban Flooding

Researchers have finally been able to pinpoint just how much impervious surfaces exacerbate flood levels

The giant water lily, Victoria amazonica, can hold the weight of a child and is the national flower of Guyana. The flower blooms white, attracts gold beetles that night for a big party inside, and turns intense pink the next day. Photo by Erica Gies.

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Guyana Offers a Model to Save Rain Forest

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Holding On to What Was in the Andamans

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The Climate Trigger Behind Human Tragedies

Earth’s increasingly volatile weather conditions have been linked to numerous global crises, from terrorism to child marriage.

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Tribes Use Western and Indigenous Science to Prepare for Climate Change

Northwestern tribes and the University of Washington climate group have joined forces to help protect salmon, roots, trees, and other important resources.

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Designing Marine Protected Areas in a Changing Climate

How can vulnerable marine species be protected when climate change is a reality?

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Low-lying Vietnam Is Squeezed Between Its Neighbors and the Rising Seas.

Climate change, heavy-handed water management, and upstream dams are changing the Mekong Delta, pushing residents to adapt.

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A Cull to Save the Kelp

An innovative project is rehabilitating California’s kelp forests after decades of degradation at the hands of environmental decay and sea urchin predation.

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Businesses Lead Where US Falters

The Paris Agreement requires commitments from countries to take action and reduce emissions, but the corporate world is also looking at its contribution to mitigation.

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