To Revive a River, Restore Its Hidden Gut

Radical reconstruction in Seattle is bringing nearly dead urban streams
back to life

A flooded farm in California's Central Valley in February 2017. Photo by Erica Gies.


The Radical Groundwater Storage Test

New tactics for capturing floods and surviving droughts could help communities across California and the world.

Employees of Turenscape in Beijing by the Yongxing River Park project. Photo by Erica Gies.


Sponge City Revolution

Restoring natural water flows in cities can lessen the impacts of floods and droughts.

The Meaning Of Lichen


The Meaning of Lichen

How a naturalist’s observations in the wilds of British Columbia inspired a scientist to discover hidden symbioses—overturning 150 years of accepted scientific wisdom.


Expanding Paved Areas Has an Outsize Effect on Urban Flooding

Researchers have finally been able to pinpoint just how much impervious surfaces exacerbate flood levels


Do Dams Increase Water Use?

Reservoirs may promote waste by creating a false sense of water security.


Ecological Detectives Hunt for San Francisco’s Vanished Waterways

Recovering “ghost creeks” from past landscapes can help protect the city’s
future amid climate chaos.


What Lichens Can Teach Us

A new IMAX film highlights their beauty and resilience.


What a Healthy Jungle Sounds Like

Species may have evolved their wide array of sounds to fill unused parts of the frequency spectrum. This could also reveal the degree of biodiversity in an ecosystem.

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