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Clean Energy Soared in the U.S. in 2017 Due to Economics, Policy and Technology

President Trump rolled out the antiquated arguments about why clean energy was too expensive and a threat to the grid. But markets and policies mostly ignored him.

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Electric Trucks Begin Reporting for Duty, Quietly and Without All the Fumes

Replacing fleets of medium- and heavy-duty trucks can help cut greenhouse gas emissions and make cities quieter and cleaner.

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Microgrids Keep These Cities Running When the Power Goes Out

These energy islands are keeping electricity flowing in emergencies and helping integrate wind and solar. They’re keystones to a modern electric grid.

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Californians Are Keeping Dirty Energy Off the Grid via Text Message

When power demand rises, OhmConnect sends out a text to customers: cut your energy use and you’ll earn money. It’s keeping demand spikes under control.

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Are Electric Vehicles Pushing Oil Demand Over a Cliff?

With China now planning to phase out gas-powered cars, automakers are talking about an all-electric future. It could mean a big drop in emissions.

Solar panels on Kauai. Photo by Erica Gies.

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Will New Obstacles Dim Hawaii’s Solar Power Surge?

Blessed with lots of sun and keen to cut its reliance on imported oil, Hawaii has moved to the forefront of residential solar installations in the U.S. But financial and technical hurdles are slowing the state’s drive to generate 40 percent of its electricity from renewable energy by 2030.

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The Challenge of Storing Energy on a Large Scale

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Africa Goes off the Grid to Bring Power to Rural Villages

Half of Africa’s population lacks access to electricity, but microgrids powered by solar energy are lighting the way to energy independence.

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Making the Consumer an Active Participant in the Grid

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Can Wind and Solar Fuel Africa’s Future?

With prices for renewables dropping, many countries in Africa might leap past dirty forms of energy towards a cleaner future.

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Lazarus Batteries

Battery recycling can be hard, energy intensive and uneconomic. But soon, dead power cells could be more easily resurrected.

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