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The Meaning Of Lichen

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The Meaning of Lichen

How a naturalist’s observations in the wilds of British Columbia inspired a scientist to discover hidden symbioses—overturning 150 years of accepted scientific wisdom.

Patience, Peace And Persian Leopards

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Patience, Peace and Persian Leopards

Despite myriad threats, two Kurdish scientists in Iraq are fighting to create a peace park in the heart of the Middle East.

A traditional Marsh Arab home, built in the same style used by the ancient Sumerians. It floats atop the Mesopotamian Marshes. Photo by Erica Gies.

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Restoring Iraq’s Garden of Eden

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Greenpeace Report on P&G’s Palm Oil Sources Could Spur Industry Change

By calling out the consumer goods giant on its sourcing practices, the campaign group hopes that other corporations will start to clean up their supply chains.

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Mom and Pop Forests Struggle to Make Sustainable Harvesting Pay

For family foresters, managing a wood lot means striking a balance between a living legacy and a complex business.

Hawaiis Ancient Aquaculture Revival

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Hawaii’s Ancient Aquaculture Revival

In an ocean state that now imports half of its seafood, a determined group of activists is restoring the age-old aquaculture practices of Native Hawaiians.

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Private Funding Brings a Boom in Hydropower, With High Costs

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Holding On to What Was in the Andamans

In Luang Prabang, Laos, two elephants connect during an elephant caravan that drew locals' attention to the illegal logging that threatens the country’s 900 remaining pachyderms. Photo by Erica Gies.

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Laos’ Elephants Take to the Road to Save Their Forest Home

An elephant caravan draws attention to the illegal logging that threatens the country’s 900 remaining pachyderms.

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Investors Are Grabbing a Japan-Size Chunk of the Developing World for Food and Water

Activists tracking these deals say rich countries are buying up land—93 million acres—and displacing local people and wildlife.

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‘Killing Contests’ Target Pregnant Cownose Rays

Scientists fear the hunts will decimate the cownose ray before they can learn of its role in the marine ecosystem.

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Cambodian Activist Wins Goldman Prize for Exposing Illegal Logging

Leng Ouch has risked his life to go undercover and gather evidence of collusion between timber companies and government officials.

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An Earsplitting Threat Is Endangering the World’s Rarest Killer Whales

Noise pollution from ships imperils Southern Resident orcas that depend on sound to communicate and find food and mates.

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Designing Marine Protected Areas in a Changing Climate

How can vulnerable marine species be protected when climate change is a reality?

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Canada Has New Rules Governing Its Marine Protected Areas. Do They Go Far Enough?

Fisheries and Oceans Canada cites public backlash as one of the motivating factors for changing the rules governing marine protected areas.

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Is Canada Taking Shortcuts to Hit Its Marine Protection Targets?

The government is counting fisheries closures as protected spaces in order to hit a 2020 target. Many scientists argue this is not meaningful conservation.

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Proposed Amendment Could Actually Protect Marine Protected Areas

New legislation would give planned MPAs interim protection during the years-long approval process.

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Canada’s New Marine (Less) Protected (Than It Could Have Been) Areas

A string of concessions to the oil and gas and fishing industries has severely weakened the protective value of Canada’s largest planned marine protected area.

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The Persian Leopard Is a Symbol of Persecution and Survival in the Middle East

In the Kurdish mountains of Iraq, conservationists are facing landmines and cultural taboos to save the endangered cat.

By Ralph Pace.

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A Drop in the Ocean?

As the world’s marine ecosystems face ever-increasing threats, is the the trend toward huge, remote reserves a promising new development or a worrisome distraction?

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