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First Nations Test the Political Water with Fish Farm Protests

First Nations’ occupations of fish farms are rooted in a deeper conversation about Indigenous land rights.

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An Earsplitting Threat Is Endangering the World’s Rarest Killer Whales

Noise pollution from ships imperils Southern Resident orcas that depend on sound to communicate and find food and mates.

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Designing Marine Protected Areas in a Changing Climate

How can vulnerable marine species be protected when climate change is a reality?

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Canada Has New Rules Governing Its Marine Protected Areas. Do They Go Far Enough?

Fisheries and Oceans Canada cites public backlash as one of the motivating factors for changing the rules governing marine protected areas.

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Is Canada Taking Shortcuts to Hit Its Marine Protection Targets?

The government is counting fisheries closures as protected spaces in order to hit a 2020 target. Many scientists argue this is not meaningful conservation.

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Proposed Amendment Could Actually Protect Marine Protected Areas

New legislation would give planned MPAs interim protection during the years-long approval process.

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Canada’s New Marine (Less) Protected (Than It Could Have Been) Areas

A string of concessions to the oil and gas and fishing industries has severely weakened the protective value of Canada’s largest planned marine protected area.

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The Consequences of China’s Booming Demand for Seafood

The country is putting restrictions on its domestic fishing fleet, but its distant water fleet has been growing to compensate.

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Is China’s Hands-Off Approach to Fisheries Producing More Fish?

China’s fishers indiscriminately target predators as well as prey, putting different pressures on the ecosystem.

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A Cull to Save the Kelp

An innovative project is rehabilitating California’s kelp forests after decades of degradation at the hands of environmental decay and sea urchin predation.

By Ralph Pace.

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A Drop in the Ocean?

As the world’s marine ecosystems face ever-increasing threats, is the the trend toward huge, remote reserves a promising new development or a worrisome distraction?

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