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Patience, Peace And Persian Leopards

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Patience, Peace and Persian Leopards

Despite myriad threats, two Kurdish scientists in Iraq are fighting to create a peace park in the heart of the Middle East.

Hawaiis Ancient Aquaculture Revival

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Hawaii’s Ancient Aquaculture Revival

In an ocean state that now imports half of its seafood, a determined group of activists is restoring the age-old aquaculture practices of Native Hawaiians.

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Heading Off Negative Impacts of Dam Projects

The giant water lily, Victoria amazonica, can hold the weight of a child and is the national flower of Guyana. The flower blooms white, attracts gold beetles that night for a big party inside, and turns intense pink the next day. Photo by Erica Gies.

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Guyana Offers a Model to Save Rain Forest

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Doing More While Using Less Power

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Potential Grows for Biomass Energy

In Luang Prabang, Laos, two elephants connect during an elephant caravan that drew locals' attention to the illegal logging that threatens the country’s 900 remaining pachyderms. Photo by Erica Gies.

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Laos’ Elephants Take to the Road to Save Their Forest Home

An elephant caravan draws attention to the illegal logging that threatens the country’s 900 remaining pachyderms.

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‘Killing Contests’ Target Pregnant Cownose Rays

Scientists fear the hunts will decimate the cownose ray before they can learn of its role in the marine ecosystem.

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Cambodian Activist Wins Goldman Prize for Exposing Illegal Logging

Leng Ouch has risked his life to go undercover and gather evidence of collusion between timber companies and government officials.

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An Earsplitting Threat Is Endangering the World’s Rarest Killer Whales

Noise pollution from ships imperils Southern Resident orcas that depend on sound to communicate and find food and mates.

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The Persian Leopard Is a Symbol of Persecution and Survival in the Middle East

In the Kurdish mountains of Iraq, conservationists are facing landmines and cultural taboos to save the endangered cat.

By Ralph Pace.

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A Drop in the Ocean?

As the world’s marine ecosystems face ever-increasing threats, is the the trend toward huge, remote reserves a promising new development or a worrisome distraction?

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