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The Meaning Of Lichen

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The Meaning of Lichen

How a naturalist’s observations in the wilds of British Columbia inspired a scientist to discover hidden symbioses—overturning 150 years of accepted scientific wisdom.

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Into the Wildwood: A GM species may soon be liberated deliberately

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The Climate Trigger Behind Human Tragedies

Earth’s increasingly volatile weather conditions have been linked to numerous global crises, from terrorism to child marriage.

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Tribes Use Western and Indigenous Science to Prepare for Climate Change

Northwestern tribes and the University of Washington climate group have joined forces to help protect salmon, roots, trees, and other important resources.

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Do Dams Increase Water Use?

Reservoirs may promote waste by creating a false sense of water security.

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What a Healthy Jungle Sounds Like

Species may have evolved their wide array of sounds to fill unused parts of the frequency spectrum. This could also reveal the degree of biodiversity in an ecosystem.

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