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Employees of Turenscape in Beijing by the Yongxing River Park project. Photo by Erica Gies.

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Sponge City Revolution

Restoring natural water flows in cities can lessen the impacts of floods and droughts.

A flooded farm in California's Central Valley in February 2017. Photo by Erica Gies.

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The Radical Groundwater Storage Test

New tactics for capturing floods and surviving droughts could help communities across California and the world.

Patience, Peace And Persian Leopards

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Patience, Peace and Persian Leopards

Despite myriad threats, two Kurdish scientists in Iraq are fighting to create a peace park in the heart of the Middle East.

The Meaning Of Lichen

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The Meaning of Lichen

How a naturalist’s observations in the wilds of British Columbia inspired a scientist to discover hidden symbioses—overturning 150 years of accepted scientific wisdom.

A traditional Marsh Arab home, built in the same style used by the ancient Sumerians. It floats atop the Mesopotamian Marshes. Photo by Erica Gies.

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Restoring Iraq’s Garden of Eden

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Fortresses of Mud

Rising seas threaten the San Francisco Bay Area, home to one of the largest estuaries in North America. But marsh-restoration efforts could hold back the high water. 

Hawaiis Ancient Aquaculture Revival

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Hawaii’s Ancient Aquaculture Revival

In an ocean state that now imports half of its seafood, a determined group of activists is restoring the age-old aquaculture practices of Native Hawaiians.

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Northern Cyprus Sees Hope in Water Pipeline

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Private Funding Brings a Boom in Hydropower, With High Costs

The Real Cost of Energy

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The Real Cost of Energy

All energy production has environmental and societal effects. But calculating them — and pricing energy accordingly — is no easy task.

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Coca-Cola Leaves It to Beavers to Fight the Drought

The soft-drink giant is deploying the dam-building animals to replenish groundwater supplies.

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First Nations Test the Political Water with Fish Farm Protests

First Nations’ occupations of fish farms are rooted in a deeper conversation about Indigenous land rights.

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